Come And Serve

For those who want to get their hands dirty, Connect With a Child mission experience can be one of the many ways of getting involved as a volunteer. Every volunteer will have the unique opportunity to serve alongside the Kenyans and contribute to transformed life. It has been amazing to see how God works.
"We come to love those we serve. If we choose to begin to serve the Master out of even a glimmer of faith, we will begin to know Him. We will come to know His purposes for the people we serve for Him. Even when they do not accept our offer to serve them, we will feel His appreciation if we persist". Henry B. Eyring
This year, more than ever, families from Kenya are praying for you to come serve with them. Each time you step into their houses to encourage them, it  is like God himself has stepped into their homes.As you plan for 2015/2016, we ask that you remember that when we are called to serve, we are also called to sacrifice. Our summer calender is filling up quickly, yet we still have many opportunities for you come serve with us. We ask that you be flexible and at ease to write us and find out which month will be open for you.