Why Sponsor?

In major cities and rural villages around the world, children are the most vulnerable victims of poverty. Many are orphans. Many are homeless. Most live in inadequate housing without easy access to clean water, sanitation, health care, food or education.

There are so many children who need so much that you may be thinking that your help would be just a drop in the bucket. What difference will it really make?

We believe it makes all the difference in the world for that child, for his family, for his community, for eternity. Your sponsorship transforms a child and totally changes his/her life for the better future.

When a child is blessed with your sponsorship, she receives a meal, an excellent Christian education, uniforms and school supplies plus many other benefits. She also gains an understanding of the love of God and the Bible, discovers how much she is valued, and develops a vision for a brighter future beyond her present circumstances.

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