About the Choir

The Connect with a Child Children’s Choir is made up of children from Kenya East Africa. Most of this children are from the slums and from a very poor background.Connect with a Child Children's Choir is dedicated to spreading love, hope and joy while raising awareness for the desperate plight of orphans and other vulnerable children. 
Their colorful clothing, pounding drums and sweet voices demonstrate their hope and dream for a brighter future.Their inspirational stories of resilience have instilled hope in the hearts of all those who have seen them perform
The Connect with a Child Children's choir only consist of children that have been sponsored by different families who gave them the opportunity to better their future life through education over the years. 
Accompanied by a team of adults, the Choir present Connect with a Child vision and mission in every place they visit. 
The experience they acquire from traveling around the world gives the children exposure to other cultures broadening their worldview. it also gives them confidence and boldness and helps them rise up out of their own situations of sadness and despair.