Send a Gift to your Child

Want to give a personal gift to your sponsored child? Choose one of the items below and buy it (via E-giving), and it will be delivered in-country to your child. You will also get pictures of your child receiving and using the gift!

ClothesClothes (full outfit)$25
Story booksStory books$10
ColoringColoring / activity book$5
JigsawJigsaw puzzle$8
Soccer ballSoccer ball$25
Jump ropeJump rope$5
toy carsPack of toy cars$10
truckLarge truck$20
Baby dollBaby doll$25
Barbie dollBarbie doll$30

More items may be added in the future, so check back in from time to time!!

If you want to give a gift to your child, we recommend donating funds as described above so an appropriate item can be purchased and delivered in-country. If you would like to send physical items to your child, please follow the instructions on this page. We also strongly encourage you to send letters to your child - find out how here.