Hospital Project

Facts about lack of proper medical care in the village of Kenya.
It is estimated that 7,700 women die each year in Kenya from pregnancy related complications. This translates to 21 women dying each day or one woman every hour from preventable causes, making the need to address safe motherhood a human rights imperative. Maternity is the most important aspect of life, because that is where life begins. Likewise, maternal mortality is the single greatest indicator of health systems that fail to meet the basic needs of the society’s poorest and most vulnerable women.
While life expectancy for women is higher than men in most countries, many health and social factors contribute to a lower quality of life for women. Women are often not able to receive medical services because of lack of funding, transportation, and even awareness of their rights.

Connect With A Child has so far acquired a land which was donated by the villagers for the purpose of the construction hospital. We have already most of the paper work and building plans with full model of what can benefit the health needs of the locals.

Funds Needed:
Construction cost for the 60 bed capacity fully equipped Hospital including the parking lot pavers serving both inpatients and outpatients, $2 Million.

Hospital Business Plan

Click here to download the CwaC Hospital Business Plan for your perusal.