Village to Village Orphanage

Connect with a Child children’s homes are constructed in the form of small, vibrant communities we refer to as villages.

The village setting is representative of a familiar traditional dwelling for many ethnic groups in Africa. The houses are positioned in clusters with all the essentials of any basic home in a developed country. The villages provide safe and open outdoor spaces with beautiful vegetation and plenty of space to live and play.

Connect with a Child Children's homes consists of a house mother who cares for 6 children.

In one house, there are two bedrooms, one for the mother and one for the children. Connect with a Child homes are also designed to have well to provide cleaning drinking water and a bathroom, which are rare in rural Africa.

Please consider sponsoring for only $300 and create a healthy relationship with the particular house you will adopt,.You will be able to help raise six orphans and a widow in model of family setting, or adopt at least one child in one of the houses and by doing this you will have given a gift that could not be earned by this families hence securing a brighter future for the families and making a huge difference in their lives.For more information on how you can get involved with our orphanage on a larger scale, please write to us at .