What Sets Us Apart

  • Connect with A Child is focused solely in Kenya. Our commitment to a single country allows us to have greater impact for its people.
  • Connect with A Child sponsorship program has been rated one of the best program runned in the country for the less fortunate and orphans and therefore given certificate of excellent performance by the government of Kenya. As a result, the many families, school in the slums and the village have asked us to extend the sponsorship program to them.
  • Connect with A child H20 program has been able to reach over 60,000 people with water since it started in 2010. Many children and the families are able now to get access to clean drinking water.
  • Connect with A Child connects churches in the U.S. with specific communities in Kenya. The lives of people in Kenya and the United States are transformed through these partnerships.
  • Connect with A Child focus on proclaiming the gospel and acts of compassion, meaning that we care for the bodies and souls of our brothers and sisters in Kenya.
  • Connect with A child is working on offering health care in the villages/bushes which are areas which have been forgotten and people are dying from preventable diseases because of lack of proper medication.