of Faith

That God – who eternally exists in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – desires everyone to believe in Him, glorify Him, obey Him, and enjoy eternity with Him.

That Jesus was born of a virgin and lived without sin, gave His life for the forgiveness of our sins, and rose from the grave in triumph.

The personal mission of the Holy Spirit is to point to Jesus and to empower Christians to live transformed lives, love one another, and to share the story of Jesus.

That God inspired the Scriptures, and they reveal His plan for all nations concerning faith and how we are to act.

That we are all separated from God by sin and depend on His grace – demonstrated through His Son Jesus – to be saved. We are to share this Good News throughout the world.

The Church is a community of Christ-followers that He established to participate with Him in the mission of personal and community transformation. Followers of Christ live in obedience to Scripture, and show love and mercy to others.

In the New Testament Church, a person shows belief in Jesus and acceptance of Him as the One who saves him by being immersed in the name of Jesus Christ. This expression of obedience that Jesus commands welcomes the person into a unique relationship with Christ and fellowship with other believers.

The New Testament Church remembers the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ through communion when they meet together.

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Connect with A Child focus on proclaiming the gospel and acts of compassion, meaning that we care for the bodies and souls of our brothers and sisters in Kenya.