Pastor Tom Abungu was born in the heart of Nairobi to a Kenyan family living in one of the slum districts. Life was never easy as his parents tried their best to raise him in a place where poverty has face, a family and a name. He was sponsored by an American family from Oregon through the organization known as “ Good Samaritans Ministries” , who gave him the opportunity to obtain his education. It was during this time as a youth while still in the slums that Pastor Tom had an encounter with Jesus Christ and became a Christian.

In 2007, Tom felt a burden to go back to the slums and offer help to the many less-fortunate and poor children from the slums who were in similar place Tom was before he was sponsored. It is then that Connect with a Child was born.

Today through the leadership of Tom, Connect with a Child has given an opportunity for over 1,000 children who are headed towards primary and high school graduation, vocational training and university graduation. In the winter of 2012, Connect with a Child started a girl child program which gives sanitary towels to girls and have been able to distribute over 3 Millions sanitary towels so far to many of the girls from poor homes. Connect with a Child through his leadership has drilled wells to provide water, and over 60,000 people are able to get access to clean drinking water. Connect With a Child runs an orphanage and also is dedicated in building school to offer education.

Tom is currently working on his studies on Religion through Liberty University in Virginia.


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Connect with A Child focus on proclaiming the gospel and acts of compassion, meaning that we care for the bodies and souls of our brothers and sisters in Kenya.