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Visiting your sponsored child can be a rewarding, life-changing experience – an adventure to remember. Because of our commitment to child protection, and the complexity of travel arrangements to remote communities, we need to know of your desire at least three months before the date you’d like to travel. To make it as easy as possible for your adventure to begin, we’ve outlined a few simple guidelines necessary for a successful visit.

While we are delighted and encourage sponsors to meet their child face-to-face, unfortunately bringing your sponsored child to the U.S. for a visit is not permitted.
Your visit begins with taking this following procedure.

Your visit begins with the Request to Visit My Sponsored Child application. We ask that you complete and submit this form at least three months prior to your trip. World Vision will make every effort to arrange a visit with your child. Please understand that political or family circumstances can sometimes prevent such a visit. We will notify you as soon as we receive confirmation regarding your application and Background Check (See Step 2).

“Please note: Due to the time involved in coordinating a visit, we are unable to approve visit requests that are less than 90 days from the visit date.”

Because protection and safety of the children are of utmost importance, a background check is necessary. That’s why everyone, regardless of age, requesting a visit with a sponsored child must submit a completed Protection of Children Release Form. There is a fee for the background check. Clearance is generally received within 30 days and the background check is good for one year. If you have any questions please write us at: [email protected]
Once the visit has been approved, we will contact the World Vision staff where your sponsored child lives to confirm details of your visit (i.e. date, time, meeting location, etc.). At this time, your sponsored child’s family will be informed of your visit and begin looking forward to seeing you. For this reason we ask that all visit plans are made final at this point. A firm commitment to follow through with the visit is very important after having informed your sponsored child.
Once you are in your sponsored child’s country you should notify Connect with a Child national office of your arrival. Our staff there will be handling all the arrangements of your visit. Depending on your sponsored child’s individual circumstances, your visit may take place at our main office or at our program office in your child’s community. Regardless of the location, the time spent with your sponsored child is sure to create memories you will always cherish.

Please note: Be sure to take with you your sponsored child’s name and reference number, as well as the address and phone number of Connect with a Child national office in your child’s country.


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