Kenya is a country in East Africa. There are 41 million people living in Kenya. It is a country of great ethnic diversity with more than 40 tribes. Most Kenyan’s are bilingual in English and Swahili. A large percentage also speak the mother tongue of their ethnic tribe.

Kenya’s education system consists of early childhood education, primary, secondary and college. Early childhood education takes at least three years, primary eight years, secondary four and university four or six years depending on the course. All public and private schools require students to pay school fees.

Sponsorship for a Child in Kenya is $40 per month and provides school feed, Scholastic materials, a uniform, shoes, basic and allows the to participate in Christian activities each month. Please find listed below children in need of sponsors.

Ian George Omondi
Born: 25th Nov 2005
Hobbies: Playing Football.

Jesse Junior Okumu
Born: 3rd Aug 2005
Hobbies: Playing Football.

Noel Atieno Onyango
Born: 10th Dec 2005
Hobbies: Playing Footbal.

Veldah Atieno Oduor
Born: 5th April 2003
Hobbies: Playing Soccer.

Briton Oduor Juma
Born: 21st June 2005
Hobbies: Studying

Stephen Omondi Nyuok
Born: 28th Nov 2004
Hobbies: Planting trees.

Oloo Moses Okanga
Born: 21st Nov 2003
Hobbies: Studying.

Rachel Atieno Auma
Born: 29th Feb 2006
Hobbies: Dancing

Sharon Achieng Ochieng
Born: 27th Dec 2005
Hobbies: Athletics

Sheryl Aluoch Onyango
Born: 9th Nov 2005
Hobbies: Singing

Sheryl Atieno Onyango
Born: 25th Aug 2004
Hobbies: Singing & Dancing


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