This trip has been unbelievable!! I have been in Kenya for two weeks now and have two weeks to go. It has been the most rewarding trip ever. Me and my team have been here for a total of two weeks. There are seven of us and I’m the only male?. But three days ago was the last day for five of them and now it is just me and my lovely girlfriend. We have done a lot of painting for all three of Connect with a Child’s locations. In the school in Nairobi, we painted the entire second floor and have added designs such as a tree with the eighth grade graduates hands on it to represent the leaves on the tree. At the orphanage, their library has been fully built but not yet painted on the inside so we decided we wanted to try to fix it up a little so it’s ready for the kids. So we painted flowers, grass, sunshine, and a tree with all the kid’s hands on it for the leaves. Now the room is ready for books! At the high school, we paint a tree for all the graduates because this is the first year of graduates from this school ever! Now that sounds like we work all the time but we have had a great time with the kids as well like playing volleyball with the high school kids or playing games with the kids at the orphanage. The biggest thing that has made a difference in my life on this trip though is Jesus. My relationship with Christ has strengthened more than I would have ever imagined. In the end, everything we do must turn towards Christ or it means nothing. If I give these kids shoes but don’t tell them who Christ is, the shoes are worthless. Christ is their saviour, not me or those shoes. All in all this trip has had blessings upon blessings. We thought that we wouldn’t finish a lot of it but of course, God prevails. Now we have a lot more work to do but we are so grateful. Jesus, you are so good.